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Green Key and our environmental policy

In 2015 Domus Dorpatensis Guest Apartments was awarded the Green Key certificate. We care about the environment and wish to reduce the negative impact on environment created by our activity.

The Green Key is an international voluntary eco-label that began in Denmark in 1994. All over the world there are over 50 countries that have joined the Green Key programme. Every Green Key awarded establishment has to formulate environmental policy, objectives and an action plan to fulfill the latter ones while being economically sustainable.

In our everyday activity we support:

  • economical usage of water, heat energy and electricity,
  • using environmentally friendly cleaners,
  • sharing environmentally friendly principles with clients and employers of the establishments,
  • sorting waste and reducing the amount of waste,
  • using local and/or organic food,
  • using products made from recycled materials or that are ecolabeled.

We hope that you support our principles of being environmentally friendly and help reducing negative impact on environment created by our activity by:

  • saving electricity and turning off lights when leaving the room,
  • using water economically,
  • sorting waste,
  • bringing used medicines, batteries, and other dangerous waste to the office,
  • walking, using bicycle or public transportation to move around the city.

More information about Green Key:  www.greenkey.global